January 9, 2012

a little about me.

In the last week or so, the Lord has been doing incredible things in my life. Changing my heart, fueling my fire, filling me with His spirit. I've been overwhelmed and full of joy -- so much joy that I'm torn between singing and crying sometimes. He's given me promises for this year, and I cannot tell you how crazy amazing it is to see Him work in my life. He who promised is faithful, and I'm clinging to that truth. I'm walking forward in faith, and it's exhilarating and terrifying and exciting all at the same time.

I wrote a little about what I'm learning on my tumblr the other day. Two of the biggest things the Lord is showing me are how much I need grace, and how much I don't get grace. I try to earn grace -- I stumble and fall and fail and try to work my way to a gift that was offered freely. He does not say that we are to earn it. It is not an act of works, but a free life-giving gift.
And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18
I've been meditating on this verse. The veil between us and the Father is gone, torn away, by the Son. As we walk with Jesus and continually look towards Him, we are being transformed into the same image. We are becoming more like Christ by living with Him! He is filling our hearts and lives as we open our lives to Him. And it's from one degree of glory to the next to the next. Layers and steps and walking alongside Christ on our path till home. We become like Him by being with Him. And He changes us. It's nothing we can do by ourselves. It's His spirit, working in us, doing what we could never do and enabling us to do what we could only dream of.

The more I read the Bible, the more I come away amazed at how it's brimming with truth. It's like being desperate for a drop of water and being given the ocean. I've been praying for a deepening faith, an ever-growing love for my Savior and His people, and for a joy that is contagious. And His spirit, working in me, is opening my eyes, revealing His truth, and giving me a passion for His name. He truly is changing my heart.

I'm full of joy. Ever get a feeling that something is going to rock? That's a term used pretty loosely, so just picture the best day ever and put sprinkles on top of it. Or better yet, top it off with a dollop of whipcream and some raspberries just picked from the garden. That's how I feel about this year. Last year was a defining and refining year. This year is one of blossoms. There's still hard things and bad days and valleys, but I know deeply that this year is going to be a crazy awesome one. Jesus is rocking my socks off and it's only nine days into the new year! I'm overwhelmed with all that He's done and is doing in my life. Overwhelmed and thankful.

So, inspired by Sarah Danaher, here's me. Right here, right now. I'm an analytical artist, extroverted introvert, creamer-in-my-coffee kinda girl, who's a fan of stories, singing at the piano, and lazy hazy summer evenings at Woodland. I like to laugh long, have heart-to-heart talks with friends, and my favorite kind of days are ones with my family. I'm learning what it means to be truly in love with Jesus. I'm learning how to love like He does. I'm learning and growing and blossoming and being and doing.

Even more than that, I am so grateful. For all that He's doing. It's not me, it's all Him. All the glory and praise to Him, always and forever and ever. He is so good and so much more than my words could ever say.

I AM… just Hannah.
I WANT… to change the world, love like Jesus does, and be the woman I was created to be.
I HAVE… a beyond amazing, loving, and completely supportive family.
I KEEP… notes, scraps of paper, journals, ticket stubs, and other whatnot. Also, four billion photos.
I WISH I COULD… travel more.
I HATE… headaches, cold feet, and being late.
I FEAR… needles. I can't stand blood tests.
I HEAR… everything. Music, words, silence -- I can even hear people blink.
I DON'T THINK… that I'll ever be able to cook like my mom.
I REGRET… not spending enough time with my family and wasting time.
I LOVE… Jesus, my family, photography, stories, and a really good cup of coffee with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
I AM NOT… crafty, always serious, or
I DANCE… ballet in my living room.
I SING… loud, long, and everywhere.
I NEVER… go without breakfast. I like food and I most certainly like it in the morning before starting my day.
I RARELY… sleep in. The latest I've ever slept in is 9:40. No lie.
I CRY WHEN… I'm on the pontoon at Woodland on the last day.
I AM NOT ALWAYS… Neat, tidy, or quiet. In fact, I'm often pretty vocal.
I HATE THAT… celiac disease exists and that people believe the world's definition of beauty.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT… why it's still green in Minnesota right now. (seriously!)
I NEED… Jesus.
I SHOULD… eat healthier, go to bed earlier, and respond to emails sooner.

That's just me. Who are you? And what has God been doing in your life? Tell me all about it below or shoot me an email. I'd love to hear about it and chat with you! :)


  1. Oh Hannah. This made my heart beat a little faster. You've inspired me for this next year, to trust in Jesus all the more. I hope He keeps rocking and teaching you! In fact, I know He will. Thank you so much for this dear.

  2. Finally! I've found a blogger who doesn't sleep till 10:00 on a regular basis :) I normally get up at five or five thirty. It's my time to be alone, with God, before the rest of the family wakes and normal family noises fill the house. And I don't think I've even slept past 9:30, unless I was sick, and even then...

    Thank you for the post! And I'm not sure why it's still green here (MN) either. Such a weird winter!


  3. WOW! Hannah you have inspired me SO much with this post! You are an amazing writer, and I just love reading your posts. I totally agree with you on the celiac disease part, one of my little brothers has a similar disease. I know how hard it is to cope with something like that. Thank you!!!

  4. the "i hear" one describes me so much that it's not even funny. beautiful, beautiful post. love that portrait of you :))
    -jocee <3

  5. amen ;) you've convicted me to try harder as well ;)

  6. I love reading about what people believe. I'm still finding out what I believe in, but reading other people's faith really makes me feel stronger in what I believe--even when it's completely different.

  7. I always admire how deep and strong your faith is. I'm never sure about mine. I thing I believe in God, but it's not the same and it will never be. But well, we have something in common. We both want to change the world. Or at least, I want to do something good for others. Like you know, I might now change the entire world, but I can change the world of some people or animals.
    So, good luck Hannah!

  8. And, one more, "you are definitely a woman after God's own heart." What a lovely, lovely young lady you are and what an inspiration you are!

  9. So encouraging; I love your list.
    Over the past few months, I've been more myself instead of somewhat conforming to who i'm around. And I know that God loves me in all my dorky ways-for who I am.(: I love my life and am striving to grow closer to Him.


  10. I love you, girl! You inspire me so much, and i'm totally with you on the blood tests. People always say I should be used to needles because of my diabetes (who would ever get used to needles?!) but no way. I fainted the last three times I got my blood drawn. ;)

  11. What a special girl you are Hannah! This was a beautiful post!

    Happy New Year...you are off to a great start!

  12. i love this post! Thank you for sharing :) i'll have to repost this, lots to think about.

    Have a great week Hannah!

  13. I love this, Hannah. And you're gorgeous, by the way. :)

    -Lucia @ lucia, etc.


  14. Beautiful Hannah! I follow your moms blog! :) This was absolutely thought provoking! You have a way with words.. Keep up the amazing LOVE you have for life and God! :) Hugs! Amy From Little Adventures!

  15. You have such a beautiful heart, Hannah. Your "I want..." and "I love..." are my favorites.

    Loved this post!

  16. I love this! I'm now craving cinnamon rolls. I'm confused about the green all over the Midwest; I live in Michigan and we haven't had hardly any snow here either. And your "I should" reads exactly the way mine would.

    As for your questions, I'm a twenty-one-year-old undergrad studying English and history, a writer, and a dreamer. Lately God has been impressing dying to self on my mind, provoking me to explore what it looks like, in general and in my own life, and what it really means. I think there's a lot more depth to it than we typically associate with it; we tend just to throw around the phrase "dying to self" and forget that that actually entails thought and action.

  17. This is lovely, Hannah. I'm so thankful for your friendship - and your inspiration! <3

  18. The beauty and love of Jesus shines out of this post on every line. Keep on keeping on with Jesus--you are a lovely example of faith in action.

  19. really nice post.
    maybe i make one of those lists soon too, i´ve really liked yours :)

    your joy and your faith are huge and they inspire and send really good vibes just by reading your words. so thank you, Hannah :)


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  21. Oh, this is just pure beauty. I loved each word so much.

  22. This was so encouraging! I just found your blog, and I love it! I love the fact that you don't sleep in late! You have encouraged me to continue to let Christ transform me. I just started a blog, and I am trying to get it out there, so you should check it out at http://mollyslittlecorner.blogspot.com.

  23. This is just beautiful, Hannah. I loved learning more about you! For me, I'm just learning that I need to be content. My life isn't perfect, it never will be, and that's okay. Praise the Lord I have Christ in my life to get me through hard times!

  24. Love. I did it too :)


  25. I want to change the world and love like Jesus does!

    This year, God has been teaching me to fully surrender to him and his will through persistent praying and reading the Bible. God’s been tugging at my heart, calling me to go deeper, to spend more time with him. He has been pounding into my heart loving others, specifically the poor and oppressed. In the pursuit of loving others more, I am going without buying coffee for a month and I’ve gone through my clothes and gathered the ones I no longer wear to give away. I’ve also felt God calling me to sponsor a child through either World Vision or Compassion, which I am still working on because I’m trying to get a few of my college friends to do it with me. He’s been softening my heart to be more compassionate and loving to those of different cultural backgrounds than my own, helping me to consider them better than myself. (Philippians 2:3) I've been thinking about how little things matter and how important having good, honest relationships with people who challenge you to pursue Christ wholeheartedly is. Christ has taught me an overwhelming amount of things this year and I don’t ever want to forget them. I want them to propel me to be more fully committed to serving Christ this year and for the rest of my life!

  26. Hey Hannah,
    Thanks for this wonderful bit of inspiration!
    I especially agree with how you said "The more I read the Bible, the more I come away amazed at how it's brimming with truth"
    Keep loving and serving the Lord!