August 23, 2011

three six five

sixty six
[66/365] worship.
sixty seven
[67/365] corncakes off the skillet
sixty eight
[68/365] flowers...
sixty nine
[69/365] selfie.
[70/365] oreck!
seventy one
[71/365] freshly baked cookies.
seventy two
[72/365] freshly sauted zucchini.
seventy three
[73/365] outtake.
seventy four
[74/365] boppy's grapevines.
seventy five
[75/365] sammy boy.
The past week has been a cross between a flurry of preparations and a final goodbye to sweet summer days. School doesn't officially start till after labor day, but there's so much to do before then that it already feels like summer has slipped on by. Truthfully, I'm ready for fall. I'm an Autumn girl, through and through. Red leaves drifting lazily, the crisp feel in the air, hot apple cider in mugs, warm fall jackets paired with skinny jeans and boots, and the feeling of being fully alive -- I love it all. What are you most looking forward to come September? And like every week, which photo is your favorite?


  1. I ♥ number 70! Your brother is such a cute boy!

  2. I love autumn! But I'm gonna miss the freedom in summer.
    I like the picture of you, and the cookies! :)
    Your so pretty!

  3. I'm a fall girl too :) The clothes, the colors, the sense of change.

    The berries are my favorite....the composition is just lovely and the conversion is perfect.

  4. Beautiful captures! I love fall as well! I can't wait till Oct. - Beach trip! :0)

  5. Beautiful pictures,Hannah! I love all of them :] I can't wait for fall either.

  6. I loooove the grapes picture!! Beautiful!

  7. I'm slowly getting more and more excited for fall, although where I live it'll be hot for a while longer. :) I'll miss summer, but I love the way autumn brings fresh, crisp breezes and a break from all the heat. LOVE your photos, as always, Hannah!! 74 is just gorgeous. Great post! :)

    ♥ Kailyn

  8. I love the song Our God! Learning it on guitar right now. :) It's always so hard to pick a favorite -- all of your photos are stunning -- but I will have to go with 73. Such a unique angle!

  9. love all of them, but the pictures of Samuel always steal my heart! I'm excited for fall too! some new changes headed my way come September :)

  10. I absolutely love the cookies on the striped napkin! I'm definitely looking forward to soup and scarves this September.

  11. ah, all the pictures are gorgeous, as always. :) you are so talented with the camera, my friend!

  12. can't wait for the fall! and all these photos are so beautiful but i really really love the 2nd photo (#67). :)

  13. Ooh, I love the one with the grapes and the one of you - can you tell I love b&w? :)


  14. like a good worship leader's wife, i have to say that #66 is my favorite. : )

  15. I'm very excited for autumn as well!
    Amazing photos, Hannah! :)

  16. Hey I know that song! We sing it at my church all the time.

  17. The first photo, number 66.
    I recognised the words from that song, turns out its one of the sings we play at our church.


  18. Love these. All of them. Gorgeous, Hannah! :)

  19. Oh, I can't choose a favorite. I love them all! But the ones I love the most are the two of Samuel and the one of the words and chords to Our God.

    I realized once you mentioned it that what I'm most looking forward to is hot apple cider. one of the eating places on campus makes the yummiest hot cider ever.

  20. I love number sixty six! :) Such an awesome song. It's definitely a favorite in our youth group.

  21. all the food photos... now i'm hungry!

  22. I'm looking forward to my seventeenth birthday in September! :D

  23. I love numbers sixty-eight and sixty-nine. :D
    I recently found your blog and I love your new blog design and your posts. :D

  24. oh and autumn is my favorite season too! I love everything about it. :D

  25. Sixty-eight and seventy-one are so lovely, but the one that I stared at the longest was sixty-six. In fact, I started singing that song. Amazing photos, Hannah. <3

    ~In Christ,

  26. 66 and 71. Beautiful.. As always.
    Yes. I love fall best. Such a beautiful time. It's such a great time of the year... Leave raking, tea sipping, boot wearing, scarve wrapping... Loveliness.
    Love fall.
    ps. as you said what are you looking forward to (specifically) is September- even though I just love the cooler weather- the large attraction to me is that my moms due date is september eighth.

  27. that first photo is one of my favorite church songs :)

  28. love "our god is greater.." that song always brings joy to my heart.

  29. AW! I love the last picture. How adorable!