August 19, 2011

I love...

...Fresh yellow peppers
...the fact that this list has only been about food so far
...little boys watching rain
...schweppes tonic water
...planning for fall
...dreams of leaves, pumpkins, scarves, and cinnamon
...trains tracks all over the floor
...a clean room
...sunlight streaming in through windows
...homemade cookies made by our neighbor
...cookies in general
...the fact that fall is coming and that means lots of baking
...which means lots more cookies
...which also means pretending to have more willpower than I actually do
...and consequently, losing to this so-called willpower
...grace and belle coloring outside under the umbrella
...lazy summer days
...the fact that the library is only about five minutes away
...zucchini with tomatoes (recipe coming soon)
...making dinner up on the spot
...dinner on the spot turning out delicious
...reading books to the boys before bed
...newspaper toenails
...realizing I just put a picture of my ballet-mangled toes on my blog
...friends who paint my toes
...driving all around looking for a beach with friends
...not finding a beach so instead making icecream sundaes
...laughing mostly at myself
...tomatoes from the garden, almost ready to eat
...the light at 8:15 at night
...homemade gluten-free naan (another recipe I'm excited to share with you!)
...and the list continues...

what are you loving on this lovely summer day?

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  1. Love these!
    Looks like your design is a tad messed up ;)

  2. Great list! I love all the food on here, too. :)

  3. mmmm...welcome to the blogger world. We have cookies. :)) hehe
    I'm starting to look forward to autumn too!

  4. I've been loving this new style you're developing in both writing and photography...your food shots are gorgeous! (because we all know how much I love food... ;))

  5. Lovin my new blog design from Jocee, at the 'Cupcake Dictionary'.

    Lovin my friends, who send me sweet li'l notes that say they're there for me if I ever need to talk. :)



  6. *sigh* I love all the freshness of food in summer. It will be missed when the leaves start turning. But I am loving that fall is on it's way and all the wonderful things that come with it.

  7. ::sigh:: Fall...LOVE <3

  8. I love... this post. It reminds me of all the beautiful, nostalgic dreams of summer, while stirring up excitement for autumn. I'm a summer kind of girl, so thinking about leaving it behind saddens me until I think of all the amazing things that come with autumn. (: Gorgeous pictures, Hannah!

    <3 Kailyn

  9. Great list! I can't wait until Fall comes, so I'm definitely excited about that. :) Awesome pictures, btw! ;)

  10. Love your food photographs. They are gorgeous! So I'm loving those. Also loving: trying new recipes, time with friends, golden hour light, dreaming God-sized dreams, and among other things, our always-growing pumpkin patch. Have a lovely day Hannah:)

  11. Beautiful photos! Love your newspaper toenails, lol!

  12. Great photography! I love your writing style. Very inspiring.

  13. our garden is a favorite thing here too. the girls love picking tomatoes!

  14. love this, Hannah. I just love the last days of summer, don't you? They are so refreshing and exciting! :)

  15. I love these. I think they scream summer because they're so colorful. Love them. :) Also.. can't wait for that recipe!

  16. This is probably the sweetest post ever. You are a fantastic food photographer. Seriously.

    And, I most definitely had newspaper toes a few weeks ago. So fun! ;)

  17. Newspaper toenails, whimsical lighting, delicious food? -- this post made perfection.

  18. Those toenails are crazy neat! and we all love posts about food!

  19. Love all the beautiful pictures!! The newspaper toes are especially awesome!

  20. I love all the food and little odds and ends of your days :)

  21. Love these, Hanni. And I love how you capture our lives through your photography.